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Benefil can be induced to fill any size of void. It is ideal for filling pipelines, tanks and conduits. Residual fluids are forced ahead and expelled.

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Image description

An abandoned pipeline can be filled completely, even if only one end is accesssible. Uphill or downhill - Benefil will not flow out.

When used to fill the interstitial (annular) space formed by relining, the new ‘slipline’ will not collapse or float when being installed. Soil loss due to ‘infiltration’ can be corrected by filling resultant voids from above.

Floors and other structures threatened by erosion (e.g. flood damage or large washout caused by a broken water pipe) can be quickly stabilised, re-supported and/or re-levelled. Lost soils are replaced by Benefil. 

There is usually no need to vacate premises. 


Most jobs are done in a day!